BusSystem is bus transport
control system

About us

BusSystem is proficient experts in the passenger transportation industry.
You can be sure that your business will become more profitable and effective by choosing us.
Industry experts
We are experts in the passenger transportation industry more than 15 years
Individual approach
Our specialists will help to choose the appropriate service package that will be fit to your business expectations
Team of professionals
Well-coordinated team of high-level professionals was formed during many years of experience
Own development
Universal GDS system for tickets sales and passenger transport management

System features

Routes management
Full range of managing routes in the system:
  • Routes settings
  • Schedule, prices and discounts management
  • Opening and closing of sales
Your own sales management
  • Tickets sale
  • Orders and tickets control
  • Search and sales notifications settings
  • Opportunity of changes in tickets and displaying of departure place in the ticket
Reports automation
  • Automatic sales reports of carrier’s agency network
  • Possible connection of external systems for sales management, seats and canceled trips record
Agency network development
  1. Connection and control of your own agents
  2. Fees management
  3. Deposit option for a specific agent
  4. Automatic reports
Call center 24/7
  1. 24/7 passengers and partners information support
  2. Technical support for partners regarding to work in the system
Web-sites development for carriers
  1. Web-site with an administration management system
  2. Integrated payment systems
  3. Connection of payment systems
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BusSystem Driver

Professional app for drivers.
All passengers in one app!
Convenient passenger embarkation and disembarkation
Passenger registration during boarding by:
scanning the QR code of the ticket
passenger choice from the list
indication of the ticket number
Actual information about passengers
Online tracking of a routes changes
New passengers notifications on the next stations
Fixation of absent passengers on the route
Online passengers lists
Fast access to all passengers contacts for communication
Displaying of the passengers list including the expected ones to the route and those who already registered to the route
Bus geolocation
Dispatcher gets the full route information:
Bus location tracking
Bus schedule
Passengers amount control at the each stop
Fast ticket sales
Ticket sales in one click
Ticket refund opportunity purchased from the driver
Tickets sales with passenger data entering
Previously booked ticket sales during boarding to the bus

Available features

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