1standard conditions
for free
2additional services
with monthly payments
3additional services
with one-time payment
DESCRIPTION - gaining access to the routes and ticket management system
- creating your own sellers for your route
- system for selling your route on your website
- automatic delivery of the passenger list to your email
- publication of the routes and timetables on your website
- connecting an operating sales agent's network (tourist agencies, websites, sales servers, mobile apps)
- 24/7 helpline for passengers
Personal website for the carrier
for free

Informing of passengers before the departure by SMS
Special offer for the route, under the search engine, with a picture
Unique ticket design for
150 € one-time payment
WiFi setup in buses
negotiable price
Setup of the system bus control OnLine (geographical location, fuel gauges, temperature)
negotiable price
Registration and control of tickets when boarding the bus using the Mobile Dispatcher software
(currently being tested)
CONDITIONS Fee earning 10% off the price of sold ticket

Fee earning +5% of the ticket price

one-time payment

Ticket sales at BusSystem

When you add your bus routes to the system they automatically become visible to all agents - partners of BusSystem. You will also get access to the Private cabinet where you are able to control all sales and create your agent's network, generate reports and assign fees to agents. Sale of your bus routes will be available for next partners: Tickets.ua, BuslinienSuche.de, Goeuro.com, Tickets4bus, Yandex, Google etc.

The system fee is 10% off the price of each sold ticket.

Using additional functions of the system

- Informing passengers by text message before the departure
- Special offer for the route in the search engine, with a picture
- Personal website for the carrier
- Ticket booking and control during boarding with the use of Mobile Dispatcher software (currently being tested)
- Unique ticket design

The system fee may be a one-time fee or a monthly fee, depending on the type of additional service.

Agent's network development

Increase your sales volume by extending your agent's network. A particular agent may have subagents and partners and can build his or her own agent's network.

The system fee is 1% off the price of each sold ticket.

Setup of a search engine system

You can place a booking system on your website or on the website that will be provide to you. The search engine system will only show your bus routes.

The system fee is 5% off the price of each sold ticket.

Adding carrier-partners into the system

Extra profit for your business. Bring your carrier-partner into BusSystem. Recommend that they use the system and be rewarded.

Your profit will start from 100 € for each new carrier who has not yet been included into the system.
6 500 +
are already using the system