Bus stations

Nowadays a bus station is seen as a place of arrival and departure. People believe that they can only buy a ticket for a route to another city in the country where they are at the present time, or a ticket to a handful of international destinations. By joining BusSystem, you are going to destroy these traditional beliefs. You will be able to sell tickets from Berlin to Paris, while you are physically located at a bus station in Lviv, Moscow, and Prague etc. A bus station should not only be a point of departure! It must be a place where anyone can buy a ticket to anywhere!

Travel agency

You have a travel agency. You organize tours for your customers. Sometimes customers are interested in a place they would like to go and what to see, but at the same time they don’t want to book an excursion. Extend your capacities! When you join BusSystem, you will be able to offer your customers tickets to any city without them having to book an excursion or tour. Your customers needn’t go to any other point of sale looking for tickets. They will be able to buy them from you. All the necessary information, including a map of departure, addresses and phone numbers of the call centers which they can contact are available on a printed itinerary list provided by BusSystem. All you have to do is to sell a ticket. BusSystem will do the rest.

BusSystem provides access to the “Dealer” sales system. This system makes available all bus routes entered into BusSystem.

The system does not need installation, you only have to open it in any browser to start working

Earns 10% on the volume of tickets sold. Interest for a sold ticket is accrued after the ticket is used - on completion of the ticket sale.

The interest is fixed and does not depend on the sales volume for the month.

Does not depend on the amount of earnings per month.

On the first day of each month, an automatically generated report is delivered to your email.

  • Please sign:
    • the agency agreement
  • Make a deposit from 100 €
Ticket sales are made based on the amount of the deposit.
The amount of the deposit can be increased and replenished.
Physical sale

Internet sale

In addition to physical sales there is also an opportunity to use BusSystem services to increase your earnings with the help of your own website. You can combine your physical and online sales. You can find more information regarding earnings, and conditions of cooperation when using your own website if you take a look here

Opportunities of using your personal office

When you join BusSystem, you will have access to your personal office. It contains the following information available to you:
  • Reporting on tickets:
    • sold
    • canceled
    • bookings
  • Reporting on your profit
  • Automatic delivery of accounts to your email
  • Reporting on your deposit
  • Creating sales agents and monitoring their sales
10 000 +
are already using the system