API integration of sales systems

  • When launching the sale of tickets for your route in BusSystem it automatically becomes available to the large sales network
  • Integrated sales servers display your route at bus stations, websites, tourist companies and organizations engaged in providing information to passengers
  • Opportunity to integrate sales systems which you already know and which have not yet been connected
  • Integrated systems for instant payments via bank cards, terminals, currency accounts, electronic wallets and money transfer systems

Personal cabinet

  • Review list of orders and tickets, search filter
  • Route management
  • Modifying bus route timetables and tariffs
  • Adjustment of sales notices
  • Making changes to tickets
  • Creating and controlling new agents
  • Managing agents fees
  • Code generation for inserting the sales system onto websites

Control of seat sales

  • Display of the number of vacant, booked and sold tickets on routes
  • Choosing all routes or each route individually for making up a table of departures
  • Display of all departures for one year in advance with one click
  • Setting of date limits until which a departure is actual

Route management

  • Reviewing the list of sold and booked tickets for a certain route and a selected date
  • Visual presentation of occupied seats displayed by a seating plan
  • Printing and email delivery of the passenger list
  • Closing the sales manually for a chosen date
  • Changing the number of vacant seats in a bus for a chosen date
  • Closing the sales from/to a certain city for a chosen date
  • Displaying a list of contacts for a chosen route
  • Viewing and printing any ticket for a chosen route

Ticket check by QR code

  • Opportunity to check a ticket by the specific code in each ticket
  • All mobile devices for reading QR codes are supported
  • There is also the opportunity to check a ticket on the website by entering the ticket’s number and a protection code
  • You can also check the ticket’s status by contacting the 24/7 helpline service

Making changes to the ticket

  • Ticket sale and return according to the carrier's conditions
  • Modifying passenger’s name and surname
  • Transferring the ticket to a different seat or date
  • Adding information to the ticket, which will be visible to the dispatcher when boarding the bus

Tickets with a map of the departure place

  • Geographic map on every ticket which helps passengers to find the location of their bus departure quickly
  • Carrier will independently add phone numbers of drivers which will be shown on the passenger’s ticket
  • Ticket always has a detailed description of the departure place specifying its postal address
  • Ticket return conditions allow passengers to receive information without calling the helpline
  • Ticket can be printed in 4 languages
  • Adding any extra information which will be displayed on the ticket in 4 languages
  • Ticket design can be modified

Passengers notification

  • Automatic delivery of passengers list to the specified email or by a text message, individually for each bus route
  • Setting specific time before the departure when the passenger list is to be sent
  • Automatic closing of sales when the passenger list is sent
  • Email sent at the time of the operation of sale or return of a ticket

Modifying settings for a bus route

  • Modifying cities, stations, time and days of departure
  • Temporary blocking sales from or to a city
  • Editing discounts
  • Allows adding discounts prices for return trips
  • Adding drivers’ phone numbers to the bus route
  • Activation of the option to sell tickets with an open date
  • Activation of the option to reserve tickets with a delayed sale
  • Ability to specify extra information to be added during purchase: date of birth, type and number of a document, sex, nationality

Setting limits

  • Setting a limit for hours to close sales for the route either from the initial station or by stations during the route
  • Setting a limit for the number of days for a preliminary ticket sale
  • Setting the number of hours for which a reservation for a delayed ticket sale is valid(when this time period expires, the reservation is canceled automatically)
  • Setting conditions of the cancellation rate when returning a ticket
  • Setting the time period during which full refund for a ticket is available
  • Setting effective periods for departure of routes from the initial station by days of the week

Work with tariffs

  • Convenient pattern for grouping tariffs for a route which allows you to change tariffs quickly by modifying prices not by every interval but within a group
  • Blocking a unique interval for a certain day of the week
  • Entering tariffs in 16 currencies
  • It is sufficient to enter one main currency, it will be converted instantly into any other currency at the relevant exchange rate for a seller and a website user
  • Entering special tariffs for sales of return tickets

Seasonal discounts

  • Increasing or reducing tariffs by the departure date and by the sale date
  • Increasing or reducing tariffs in percentages by periods allows modifying thousands of tariffs simultaneously
  • Adjustment of price seasons for two years in advance allows planning your special offers and sales beforehand
  • Modifying seasonal tariffs during the season itself

Displaying a route in the special offer chart

  • Additionally, it is suggested to display a route in the sales chart
  • A route is displayed depending on the physical location of the buyer and the country of the route's departure

Your routes can be placed on any website

  • Simple and convenient code generator for links or Iframe placement on your website
  • Setup unique settings for various websites or pages on the same website (specifying the city of departure/arrival, currency and interface language by default)
  • Choosing various color schemes for the sales system of a website
  • We offer a free website, with carrier contact details and system of sales for his or her routes

Creating sales agents for your routes

  • Creating an unlimited number of sales agents for your routes
  • Fees and excess charges management for each unique sales agent
  • Setting certain currencies in which an agent can perform sales
  • Preliminary monetary deposit requirement setting which allows working safely with any agent

Sales control in reports provision for your sales agents

  • Setting reports on sales and returns from your agents, sales reports from websites or the system’s sales network
  • Generating reports in PDF format

Automatic report sending

  • Settings of reporting periods allow you not to forget about settlements with your agents
  • Various forms and language versions for reporting documents
  • Automatic calculation of sold and returned tickets amounts, sorted by currency
  • Converting all sales into one currency or into a group of currencies

Sale of tickets in mobile apps

  • Attractive and convenient system interface
  • Receiving payments for tickets for your routes from mobile phones
  • In case of any changes to the route, the data is modified immediately in the application itself

  • You can watch the application’s work right now:
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