Route promotion

Your route is entered into BusSystem. After it is entered, all route data is shown to all agents.

Even without your own website, tickets for your bus route will be sold via the Internet! No matter where the customer is, all one needs is to go online and buy a ticket.

Global search networks

Thanks to having joined BusSystem, your bus route will be available for search within global networks such as Tickets.ua, BuslinienSuche.de, Goeuro.com, Tickets4bus, Yandex, Google and more.

Tourist companies

When you join BusSystem, your bus route will be available to all tourist companies which are already using the system to sell tickets to their customers and to tourists.

Bus stations

Bus stations in many cities make use of BusSystem. These are the departure points for bus routes to a variety of destinations. Having joined BusSystem, the tickets for your bus routes are available for sale at all bus stations using the system.

Private websites

Once connected to the system your bus route will become available to the owners of the websites where a search engine for BusSystem is placed.
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