Service Tariff
Optimum VIP
Commission rate (% off the ticket price)
15% 20%
Time-tables input + +
Adding prices + +
Adding information (photos, e-mail, route, luggage policies, discounts) + +
Managing discounts + +
Adding drivers' contact details (drivers who are responsible for the route) + +
Ticket modification + +
Control of sold tickets + +
Automated reporting + +
Showing all the information in the ticket including the map with the bus stop. + +
A customized module for search and sales of tickets for the website where only Carrier's and its Agents' routes are displayed. + +
Automated reporting for the carrier and his or her agents + +
Possibility to set a deposit for each agent + +
Sales throughout the entire agent's network + +
Managing your own bus plan (the plan of your bus, not a standard one)) + +
SMS notifications about passengers + +
Call Centre 24/7 + +
E-mail notification + +
Dispatcher support + +
Support and training for Carrier's dispatchers, cashiers and drivers. + +
Assistance in opening new lines (international lines. Preparing documents, searching for partners...) - Individually
Assistance in searching new partners for opening new lines - Individually
Boarding and passenger control at arrivals / departures - Individually
Advertisement support
Sending newsletters to targeted client base (once a month, advertising) - +
Route publishing in Yandex, Google + +
Route display on the main web page, in Promo section (Advertising) +5% (during the Promo campaign) (1 time per 2 months)
Financial services
Multi-currency payments CIS * EUR/UAH/CZK/RUB EUR/UAH/CZK/RUB/PLN
Multi-currency payments EU EUR, CZK EUR, CZK, PLN
Payments balance 2x per month + +
Payments balance 3x per month - +
Payments balance on cancelled tickets - +
Additional options
Service Price (EUR) / Commission (%)
Using INFOBUS payment gate 5% 4%
Android application for managing sales of your routes and payment gates (except LiqPay) 1000 EUR 500 EUR
Customized ticket design, if desired 50 EUR +
Creating own agent's network (possibility to assign unique commission rates and currencies for each agent) 3% From turnover of subagent’s network 2% From turnover of subagent’s network
Promo website 300 EUR 200 EUR
Accepting payments on the website, directly onto bank account via LiqPay system 400 EUR 300 EUR
A dedicated server (running the system on a dedicated server to ensure full functioning) 100 EUR/month 50 EUR/month
Providing GPS services and equipment for bus tracking. Each tariff implies payment for equipment and 15 EUR/SIM/month + +
Installation of Wi-Fi equipment in buses and providing drivers with means of communication. Each tariff implies payment for equipment and a SIM-card + +
Dedicated system (Full system usage)
Single-time fee for set-up and access - 5000 EUR Period of contract
12 months 24 months
Price 2500 EUR/year 4000 EUR/2 years
6 500 +
are already using the system