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BusSystem Driver - Professional App For Drivers. All passengers in one app!

Date of publication: 17.06.2021


The professional BusSystem Driver mobile app is a complete working tool for bus drivers. It will simplify the work of drivers and provide an opportunity to control all processes related to changes on the trips.





Convenient passenger embarkation and disembarkation


Passenger registration during boarding by:


  • scanning the QR code of the ticket
  • passenger choice from the list
  • indication of the ticket number











Actual information about passengers


  • Online tracking of a routes changes
  • New passengers notifications on the next stations
  • Fixation of absent passengers on the route





Online passengers lists


  • Fast access to all passengers contacts for communication
  • Displaying of the passengers list including the expected ones to the route and those who already registered to the route








Bus geolocation


  • Bus location tracking
  • Bus schedule
  • Passengers amount control at the each stop





Fast ticket sales 


  • Ticket sales in one click
  • Ticket refund opportunity purchased from the driver
  • Tickets sales with passenger data entering
  • Previously booked ticket sales during boarding to the bus






Automate the driver work with BusSystem Driver!


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