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How to connect aggregators (OMIO, Busfor/ Blablacar and other online agents) to launch sales using the carrier's account in BusSystem

Date of publication: 30.05.2023

1. Sign an agency agreement with a partner / partners who will sell your tickets.
2. Agree with the partner on a transfer of Carrier's routes to the aggregator system from the Carrier's account in the BusSystem 
3. Create a user in the Dispatcher system (menu on the left, Users -> Agents -> Add Agent (button on the right))


4. Connect the routes for this agent in the Carrier account in the BusSystem. You can do this in the settings of the Agent, at the step "Active routes". Initially the routes can be found in the tab "Unconnected", where you need to activate them, as well as set the terms of cooperation with the partner, such as the rate of agency remuneration, as well as the amount of the markup, if necessary.

5. Send the agent credentials to the Agent account in the BusSystem.

6. Po aktywacji sprzedaży wszystkie sprzedane bilety przez dowolnego agenta, w tym agregatora, będą widoczne w panelu przewoźnika. Przewoźnik ma 24/7 dostęp do wszystkich sprzedaży.

Use the BusSystem and optimize your business processes!

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